Email Security SOLUTIONS


When leading organizations need to safeguard email, they most often turn to the world’s #1 selling email security solution—the Barracuda Spam & Virus Firewall. This affordable solution combines a powerful gateway appliance with cloud services to provide all essential security functions surrounding email. The cloud security layer shields email servers from inbound malware and DoS attacks while filtering out normal spam before it ever touches the network’s perimeter. The gateway appliance provides added inbound protection and scans outbound emails to prevent loss of sensitive data such as Social Security and credit card numbers. The gateway’s outbound scanning also protects email server reputations by blocking any spam from leaving an email server.




Easy to use and affordable, the Barracuda Spam & Virus Firewall is “the great email problem solver.” It keeps valid emails flowing smoothly while setting the standard for effective multi-threat security, trouble-free reporting and email encryption.

*This powerful service can be added to any domain’s email service for $20 per month.


Easy to use


Deployments typically take 1-2 hours. An intuitive web UI gives quick access to system information and management features. Logging and reports require no database administration.




Barracuda Spam & Virus Firewall provides detailed email monitoring via a dashboard and reports that are easy to automatically create and email to stakeholders.




The integrated cloud-layer protection stops ad and attack spam outside the perimeter keeping junk traffic out of LAN connections and email servers for scalable performance.