Preventative MAINTENANCE


Computers are no different than cars, they need maintenance too. In order to keep your computer running smooth and fast, you’ll need to take good care of it on a regular basis.


That is why performing preventive maintenance will insure that your computers are running at optimum performance and are protected against computer crashes and data loss.


Our Preventive Maintenance Service Includes:


  • Scan Your Hard Disk for Errors and Bad Sectors

  • Clean Up Junk Files

  • Remove Malicious Programs: Spywares, Adwares, Viruses and Worms

  • Update All Your  Hardware Drivers

  • Insure that Your Important Files have a backup solution

  • Check and Obtain the latest Microsoft Critical Updates

  • Physically Clean your computer of dirt and dust

  • Check your Antivirus software to insure that you have an active antivirus solution that is up to date

  • Check Microsoft Event logs for any critical errors


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